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Structural Nuts from DATIAN (DT) Fastener are general-purpose nuts made of carbon steel and stainless steel for maximum durability and strength. The structural nut is one of standard nuts carry high strength. Due to the outstanding fastening performance, structural steel bolts and nuts play an important fastening role in industrial construction, railway engineering, highway bridge and pipelines, etc. 

Cold Heading To Manufacture Structural Nuts

Cold Heading To Manufacture Structural Nuts
Cold Heading To Manufacture Structural Nuts

The diameter range of our structural nuts are usually 3/8''~1-1/8'' (M10~M33). During the production, we will first select the wire carbon steel for our structural bolts and nuts. After pickling and cold drawing, connect one end of the wire steel to the feeding position of the cold heading machine. According to the mold in the cold heading machine, the corresponding Structural semi-finished product will be punched: there is a hole in the middle, and the shape is similar to the hexagon bolt nut, but no thread yet. The old-fashioned cold heading machine cannot be formed at one time. After the Structural hexagonal semi-finished product is laid, it must be poured into the hopper on the tapping machine for tapping. If required, heat treatment (changing the hardness of the nut) and surface treatment (rust prevention) can also be conducted to perfect the structural steel bolts and nuts.

Structural Nuts FAQs

  • What grade is a structural nut?

    Our structural nuts are usually made in grade 8, 10, and 10s.

  • What are the 3 types of nuts engineering?

    Hex nuts, heavy duty hex nuts and structural nuts

  • What are the types of structural fasteners?

    The structural bolts and nuts are in essence high-strength bolts and nuts.

  • Why do structural nuts have 6 sides?

    The structural nuts has 6 sides mainly for ease of use and maximum use of material. On the machine, the place where the structural bolts and nuts are installed is sometimes not quite generous, and the movement of the wrench for tightening the nut is very limited. The structural bolts and nuts can be easily tightened by turning the wrench 60 degrees at a time.

Nuts And Bolts Uses
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