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There are various types of construction fasteners. High-strength fastener connection has been developed into one of the main connection forms of steel structures with welding. It has the advantages of good mechanical performance, fatigue resistance, good seismic performance, high connection rigidity, and simple construction. The construction site connection is in progress.

Construction Nuts And Bolts

Select the varieties and specifications of building fasteners with superior performance according to the application occasion and environment. Construction fasteners, as the connection between components in construction or decoration, in addition to undertaking the basic functions of the main body together with the main body of the building, must also adapt to the influence of temperature, ultraviolet rays, vibration, environmental corrosion, load, alternating stress, resistance Various tests such as shearing and torsion resistance are often located at the most critical joint points. These factors have a severe impact on fasteners for construction, even far exceeding the degree of testing of the main components of the building.

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