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Machine fasteners are the most commonly used standard parts in various mechanical equipment, and threaded connections are also the most common form of various connection and fastening methods. It is characterized by low cost, reliable connection, simple structure and convenient disassembly and assembly.

Machine Fasteners

1. The Importance Of Machine Fasteners

The importance of machine nuts and bolts to machinery manufacturing is self-evident. It is the basic industry of the equipment manufacturing industry. With the introduction of the Industrial Internet, the current development of both construction machinery and artificial intelligence will drive high-strength fastening market demand.

Urban rail transit infrastructure involves related industries in many fields, including railway equipment manufacturing, high-speed railway bearings, railway communication engineering, optical communication equipment, railway engineering construction and engineering machinery, etc. The construction of these projects will be the development of the corresponding mechanical nuts and bolts.

Under the current favorable conditions of real estate investment growth and infrastructure investment growth, the sustainability of China's construction machinery development has significantly exceeded expectations. In the future, represented by excavators, construction machinery will have a strong growth momentum, and the demand for professional equipment has increased effectively compared with the same period last year. Both domestic and foreign markets have also grown, and will usher in a new round of rapid development.

2. The Market Demand For Machine Fasteners

Industrial development is inseparable from these basic components. Therefore, the market demand for machine fasteners is very large, especially for high-precision products, ranging from aviation, rockets, and aircraft carriers, to mobile phones, computers, and everywhere in production and life. Inseparable from the presence of fasteners, it is foreseeable that the demand for fasteners in the future will not only not decrease, but will gradually increase.

The machinery industry has urgent expectations for the development of fastener varieties and the improvement of performance. With the enlargement of major technical equipment and the limitation of parameters, it is necessary to develop more new varieties of high-strength nuts and bolts with high-temperature resistance, high pressure, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, and other performance requirements.

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