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GB/T 923 Acorn Hex Nut Specifications

GB /T 923 Acorn Nuts and Bolts

GB /T 923 - 2009 Acorn Hex Nuts

GB/T 923 Acorn HEx Nuts Dimensions
GB /T 923 Acorn Nuts and Bolts
P=pitchCarbon Steel:6
K=height of the nutThread:6H
D=the nominal diameter of the threadSurface:BLK,ZP,HDG,etc
E=The length of the diagonal
S=The length of the flat

Difference Between GB/T 923 Acorn Hex Nuts and DIN 1587

1. This standard replaces GB/T 923-1988 "Cap Nut"

Compared with GB/T 923-1988, the main changes of DIN 1587 nut are as follows:

  • Modified to adopt DIN 1587:2000 "Hexagonal Cap Nuts - High Type";

  • The standard name is changed to: Hexagon Cap Nut;

  • cancel thread specification M3;

  • Increase the series of fine thread specifications; 

2. Grade A is used for D≤16mm; Grade B is used for nuts with D>16mm

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