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Medium Carbon Steel Nuts And Bolts

When the customer specifies a certain grade of material, if we do not have this material in stock or it is not easy to purchase in the market, we will ask the customer what the fastener will be used for and make a written request to replace it with an equivalent material that meets the mechanical performance requirements. 

As a professional fastener manufacturing company, Datian is fully capable of giving customers better advice to achieve double benefits.

Medium Carbon Steel Datian Fasteners (0.25%<C%≤0.45%)

Domestically, it is usually called No. 35 and No. 45 steel. Medium carbon steel materials can be heat treated, and the strength of the fasteners after heat treatment is significantly improved. However, with the increase of carbon content, the cold heading performance decreases. In order to adapt to the cold heading, pre-annealing treatment must be carried out to change the cold heading performance of the material.

Fastener Performance Requirements For Materials

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