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How To Choose Suitable Fasteners - Nuts

Nuts are indispensable parts in the machinery manufacturing industry, ranging from common small machinery, trolleys, children's toys, etc., to the components of fighters and bombers, and even large mechanical products such as aviation aircraft and Long March series carrier rockets.

1. Process Of Identifying Nuts

There are many kinds of nuts. Common nut fasteners include hexagon nuts, structural nuts, heavy duty hexagon nuts, square nuts, etc. So how can we choose the nut we want? After choosing the type and specification of the nut, we still need to master the following three principles. First, choose from the required varieties. First of all, considering the work efficiency of processing and assembly, in the same machinery or engineering, the use of standard parts should be minimized. Secondly, economic considerations, should give priority to the selection of commodity standard parts varieties. Finally, we can also determine the type of nut selected according to the expected use requirements of standard parts, according to the type, mechanical performance, precision, and thread. Second, selecting different types of fasteners from mechanical properties has different strengths. 

2. How To Choose Suitable Nuts

When choosing to use nuts, studs, bolts, screws, and other fasteners, we must consider the performance level and scope of application. Nuts with lower grade performance are suitable for low strength and low torque; nuts with a high-performance grade are suitable for high strength and high torque. Before use, we should query the performance grade table of relevant nuts and select suitable nuts. Third, there are many ways to choose the coating anti-corrosion treatment of fasteners from the coating method, and different surface treatments can be carried out according to the needs. Our general treatment methods are color zinc plating, white zinc plating, hot galvanizing, hot galvanizing, etc. In addition, we also need to choose according to the environment of use, for example, humid environments and dry environments must choose different surface treatment methods. All in all, the choice of nuts in fasteners should take into account many aspects. If you master the above three principles, you can easily choose nuts that meet your needs.