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Application and Development of Fasteners in Automotive Industry

With the development of economy, trade and globalization, science and technology are increasing day by day, making the fastener technology international continuously innovated and improved. More and more fastener manufacturing companies all over the world. Especially in the automobile manufacturing industry, the trend of the automobile manufacturing industry is growing with the increasing demand for automobiles.

1. Various Types Of Automobile Fasteners

Automobile fasteners have a large number and various types. Common fasteners include bolts, studs, screws, washers, etc. According to relevant industry statistics, on average, each passenger car needs about 5,000 fasteners and weighs about 50kg. On average, 5,710 fasteners are required on a medium truck or a heavy truck, weighing about 90kg.

Automobile fasteners are basic parts of automobile machinery. Some nuts and bolts and other fasteners are widely used in automobile interior and exterior trim, chassis, power system and various body structures and systems, playing a basic but important role. The quality of fasteners is also related to the performance and quality of the car. Therefore, fastener manufacturers have strict requirements on product quality, stability and durability.

2. Present Development Of Automobile Fasteners

At present, the automobile industry is gradually developing towards lightweight, diversification, intelligence and environmental protection, and the requirements for the of the fastener manufacturing industry and fastener providers are also increasing. Therefore, the design and development of new material applications, simulation technology applications, process innovation, etc. have gradually become the new development direction of fastener manufacturing companies.