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Advantages of Heavy Hex Nuts

The types of fastener are many, and the common fasteners are nuts. The heavy hex nuts produced by our company are oversized hex nuts for structural bolt connection applications. Our is also called hex heavy nut or big hex nut. It is often used with or screws of heavy hex bolts. It is widely used in industry, manufacturing, railway transportation and machinery production. The of heavy hex nuts has many advantages compared with other types of ordinary nuts. Let's take a look!

1. Heavy-duty Hex Nuts, As Hexagonal

The nuts are made into hexagonal, which can be easily used and make maximum use of materials. On the machine, the place where the nut is installed is sometimes not quite abundant, and the place where the wrench for screwing the nut is moved is very limited. For hexagonal nuts, you only need to pull the wrench 60 degrees at a time. You can slowly tighten the nut. The four-corner nut needs to be pulled 90 degrees each time. In other words, in order to tighten the nut, the heavy hexagonal nut is smaller, but the octagonal nut is easy to slip due to the small contact surface between the wrench and it and is usually rarely used, so the hexagonal nut is the most convenient to use.

2. Heavy-duty Hex Nuts And Standard Hex Nuts

Second, heavy-duty hex nuts are slightly larger and thicker than standard hex nuts and come in different grades. They are often paired with large diameter, high strength, heavy-duty hex bolts with longer thread engagement length and better tensile or widening resistance.

3. Advantages Of Heavy Hex Nuts

Third, heavy hex nuts also have the advantages of high stability and high performance. Ordinary hex nuts are to have smaller flat and corner widths. However, heavy hex nuts are thicker and heavier to ensure higher load strength than standard hex nuts. In addition, it also provides a larger bearing surface area. Its coating materials and methods are also widely selected, including zinc, zinc yellow and hot dip galvanizing.