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Applications of Flange Nuts

The flange nut is a kind of fastener with a wide bottom circular flange. It is a hexagonal nut. The bottom of the nut is a circular flange, which is larger than the top hexagonal section. It is available in various sizes and materials. The flange on the nut increases the surface area of the bearing. The flange can have holes that can drive screws or other fasteners to fix the nut on the fastened surface. According to its own characteristics and advantages, flange nuts have the following uses.

1. Flange Nut Is Widely Used, And It Can Be Seen In Almost All Walks Of Life

First of all, it widely used in carpentry, automobile repair and industry, is mainly used to connect wood and metal. In addition, flange nuts are also commonly used in heavy industry applications to assemble various parts and link metal parts and metal sheets in industrial applications.

2. Flange Nuts Are Also Used Frequently In Auto Parts Assembly And Auto Repair

It is usually used to speed up assembly operations, or to areas where larger bearing surfaces can cover excessive holes or grooves. The flange on the flange nut increases the bearing surface area. The additional bearing surface can also distribute the pressure of the nut to the fixed part, reducing the chance of damage or loosening.

3. Different Types Of Flange Nuts Also Have Different Uses

There are two types of flange lock nuts and serrated flange nuts. The flange lock nut is a common torque type lock nut, and the serrated flange nut is a freely rotating. serrated flange nuts bite into the substrate to resist vibration loosening; Non-serrated flange nuts have nylon inlay, which can prevent vibration loosening without leaving traces. Therefore, facing different manufacturing enterprises, we should choose reasonably according to the performance of nuts.